Is Skyzone trampoline park really worth the hype?

Skyzone is a blast! Our reviewer recommends you enjoy some bonding with friends and family at one of the many trampoline parks that are popping up all over.

Photo: Instagram / Skyzone Surrey

Skyzone is a blast–and unlike certain other trampoline parks, friendly people work there too. And it’s not just for kids–anybody from the age of 5 to 65 can have a fun pastime, and enjoy some bonding with friends and family at one of the many trampoline parks that are popping up all over.

The Skyzone trampoline park in Surrey is one of hundreds of locations around the world. There are around 365 internationally. It is conveniently located just a five minute walk from Scott Road Skytrain Station. Its 30,000 square feet includes two dodgeball zones, a foam pit, a toddler jumping area and a regular jumping area. There are also other features such as a concession stand and party room.

I went to Skyzone because it was my close friend’s birthday and she wanted to do something that would involve a lot of engagement with her squad. Skyzone has always been a welcoming place for both birthday parties and drop ins.

When we first walked in, it was very busy and crowded, possibly because it was a Saturday. There were multiple parties and gatherings going on and it was very hectic. However, after signing our waivers (Trampoline parks require you and a parent or guardian above the age of 18 to sign a waiver in case of injury) and waiting in line to pay, it only took us about five minutes to start jumping. The regular prices are $5 for 30 minutes, $12 for 60 minutes, $16 for 90 minutes. They also offer an unlimited pass for $20 and often have discounts on special occasions or events.

The customer service at the establishment was really good and you could easily tell the whole purpose of their job is to make customers happy. I definitely recommend befriending the workers there as they’re all young adults and are fun to get to know. They are also very quick to get you to the trampolines.

Instagram / Skyzone – Surrey

One of the first activities we did was play dodgeball in the dodgeball zone. A supervisor divided the teams equally and the fun began. Trampoline dodgeball is a lot more riveting than normal dodgeball as you can experience the fun of being in the air–it really makes you feel like a superhero. The next activity we did was the foam pit. It includes a small trampoline that you can use to jump into the foam pit, experimenting with flipping without any risk of injury. Lastly, we went to the normal trampolines. This is where they include square trampolines and rectangular-shaped ones where you can do round-offs off back handsprings.

There are multiple trampoline parks from different companies but they aren’t all equal. One of Skyzone’s competitors is known as “Extreme Air Park”. Extreme Air Park is slightly larger at 42,000 square feet and and includes black lights every 20 minutes. But the prices at the establishment are also slightly higher than at Skyzone. And although Extreme Air Park does have a wider variety of features, the workers seem like very entitled people who don’t really care about making customers happy–Extreme Air Park, if you are reading, a bit more training may be in order!

Overall, Skyzone trampoline park is a great place to take your friends and family for an entertaining time. It’s at an easily accessible location and is affordable–especially if they have a discount going on. Other trampoline establishments should definitely learn from Skyzone’s great customer service skills. I certainly suggest going at least once to get a feel of what the experience is like.

Skyzone Trampoline Park
11125 124th St, Unit 100-A, Surrey, BC V3V 4V1
Phone: (778) 395-5867

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