Fire Emblem Warriors–an addicting addition to the Switch lineup

Omega Force strikes again with another collaboration with Nintendo.

Fire Emblem Warriors is a great game that is definitely worth your money. Even though the game does lack in some aspects of the gameplay and story as well as some tasks that will feel tedious at times, the game is great fun and worth it overall.

Fire Emblem Warriors is another Nintendo collaboration with Omega Force–this time with the Fire Emblem series. The game re-imagines the Fire Emblem series’ turn-based strategy style using the hack and slash style of Omega Force’s Dynasty Warrior series while at the same time retaining the feel of the original game. We are going to explore the ups and downs of the game and why this game is great for the fans of the Fire Emblem series.

Fire Emblem Warriors throws you into the story of a pair of twins who are prince and princess of their kingdom. They live peacefully until dark portals containing monsters and heroes from different timelines arrive and flip the world they knew upside down.

At first the game makes you choose between the two twins but later in the game you are able to play as both of them, with the lesser-used twin staying at a lower level than the most-played. This feature plays homage to the Fire Emblem series in which you pick between two genders of the main character, as the feature is very prominent in the recent games released in the Fire Emblem series.

In Fire Emblem Warriors, you are the commander in a battle and your goal is to claim the forts of your opponents to win. With this being the main gameplay, you have to focus more on the strategy part of the game over the actual hack and slash part, as your allies are unable to move to your advantage unless they are commanded to attack precise locations. Furthermore, health potions are rare in this game, so healing is much harder than it is in other hack and slash games. As a result, you are required to dodge boss’s attacks and save your health. This takes skill and practice as it is harder than it seems just from watching gameplay videos.

Unfortunately, the game gets somewhat tedious for a few different reasons. For one, you must do quests over and over for materials, and trust me this material doesn’t drop as much as you’d want. The game also has another factor that must be taken into account which is the support system: when you fight with certain allies and you fill certain conditions you strengthen your bond, which nets you materials that are necessary for certain abilities. Pausing is another tedious act as the only real way to command your allies is to pause and individually press each one. At first, this may seem easy, but later you realize pausing over and over and pressing each person individually, and sending that person somewhere else is quite boring.

Despite these faults, the game as a whole stays playable in the long term. After you have completed the story, history mode is unlocked, which adds five new maps with multiple battles and four new characters. History mode will also have more maps added to it, so it’s always going to be fresh and new every time. This feature is highly welcomed as most single-player games don’t have something you can do after you finish the story.

Fire Emblem Warriors at first to me seemed like an uneventful game that might fail but after playing it my opinion has changed. Being on the Switch platform allows for the game to travel. It becomes a great “on the go” game you can play when you have nothing to do. Fire Emblem Warriors does get boring sometimes but the game offers the button mashing experience that allows the players to keep coming back. Overall I highly enjoyed playing the game and I will be playing it for weeks to come.

Fire Emblem Warriors is a great game that can satisfy your gaming desires for a long time and will definitely be worth your money. Even though the game does lack in some ways like its repetitive pausing and other tasks can drag, there is downloadable content that will be coming that will keep the game fresh and feel new.

Fire Emblem Warriors
Nintendo, Omega Force
The Verdict: 7.5/10verdict 1

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  1. “switch” should be capitalized when relating to the console or replaced with “Nintendo Switch” to avoid confusion since “switch” can relate to the console or other things, making it capital or replacing it makes it relate to the console.


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