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Marvel releases Thor Ragnarok — the third Thor movie

Thor Ragnarok is an amazing watch for any returning or new fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Thor Ragnarok has the action scenes that we have grown to love and enjoy in all the Marvel movies, but that doesn’t mean the story is any good. The movie had me waiting on the action scenes while pondering on who some of these mundane and foreign characters even are.

Thor Ragnarok starts with Thor in a cage explaining what he was doing and how he got into that predicament. This part doesn’t actually help us understand as he speaks very fast and there are no visual assets. In this same scene we are quickly introduced to Surtur, the supposed villain of the movie–or at least that’s what I expected since he was the first villain we see. That turns out not to be the case because he is quickly defeated. This whole beginning has an unconventional pacing as it is meant as a summary; however, its job is poorly done. It’s glued together by bad jokes and action scenes. The main body of the movie follows a similar pacing as it introduces a total of 7 characters who have no real depth and have no real backstory, which leads us to feel disconnected and uncaring of the problems they face.

Most of the movie has you following Thor on his journey to defeat the villain of the Thor Ragnarok Hela, to my disappointment was not the enchantress featured in that film. They did a passable job in explaining how certain characters we saw in the trailer fit into the movie but there was still some confusion in understanding their placement. As we continue through the movie there is a feeling that the characters could’ve easily been replaced by any other character. Throughout, the film uses action scenes and dramatic scenes to distract you from this flaw.

The action scenes of the movie are impressive spectacles created by Marvel and they leave you wanting more. The animation was done spectacularly as the Hulk seems alive and all the movements are sharp without much motion blur.

Although there are many positive sides to the movies like the fight scenes that are like eye candy and the way the animation was treated with utmost importance, there are still flaws like the choreography for the fight scenes which felt heavy and slow at times. The final fight scene is a prime example of poor choreography. Thor is fighting as if he as a 2-year-old child and Loki is punching pure air but at least the CGI helped here to make it interesting. The acting was very well done and they seemed very well connected to their characters and the voice acting was spectacular as well.

The last half of the movie is where Thor goes back to Asgard, but this whole part of the movie represented Thor badly. The comics present him as a smart and honorable warrior; however, the movie makes him seem like a jokester that relies on his name to scare people off. At one point Thor tries to get a ship to escape the planet they are stuck on, and he is joking with Loki. Normally, Thor would tell Loki that “they have no time and they have to make haste,” but in this scene he is patting Loki in the back, making jokes, and using  more modern language rather than having the Norse Viking accent he has normally used.

Overall, I rate this movie a 6.5 out of 10. It does lack in many categories such as the representation, the choreography for the fights and pacing. But the acting and the fight scenes do an exceptional job in holding this movie up. It is worth a watch and of course it gets you really excited for the new Infinity War movie that is being released soon and of course part 2 of the same movie.

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