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How good is Thor: Ragnarok? Our writers discuss

Our writers MultiXen and IloveThor recently watched the new film Thor: Ragnarok and carried out a discussion on the film’s merits and demerits.

Our writers MultiXen and IloveThor recently watched the new film Thor: Ragnarok. This is their discussion.

Multixen: Hey what did you think of Thor: Ragnarok? I thought it was okay. I really wanted to like it but it was not really as great as I expected it to be. The characters were introduced way too quickly. Even though I understood who some of them were the rest just had no real purpose in the movie. There was a girl that was introduced and then we saw some flashbacks of her past and I had no idea who she was or where she came from. As well as that one guy that looked like the collector–he had absolutely no depth in him. Hulk was great though, his animation was superb. What do you think of how they introduced the characters?

Ilovethor: I thought it was amazing! They introduced the characters really well, but it’s better if you watch the first two Thor movies because then you’ll know of the background story of Asgard and how Thor became so powerful. Especially when they introduced the Hulk in the fighting scene in Ragnarok. When Hela the Goddess of Death came into the picture that really surprised me. Even when Odin told Thor that she’s Loki’s and his sister I was like, “Oh my god! This is gonna be spectacular!”

MultiXen: I guess you’re right, but Thor just seemed like a child to me in this movie as he’s cracking more jokes than Loki. That is not supposed to happen–Thor doesn’t crack jokes in the comics. I was actually quite disappointed with Hela. I honestly thought the enchantress would be the villain since she was the one who helped start Ragnarok in the cartoons. Overall, I feel like Disney owning the Marvel cinematic world changed all the serious toned characters and made them more kid friendly which is not great for their comic counterparts. How do you feel about the character of Thor and do you think another villain could’ve taken Hela’s place?

Ilovethor: Overall, I thought that Hela was one of the best villains in this movie. She was pretty bad as she’s known as “The Goddess of Death” but she convinced the film watchers that she’s stronger than Thor and Loki. Her presence in the film made it more interesting especially being their sister which was a surprising turn because in the other two Thor movies they didn’t mention anything about a sister they had.

MultiXen: I would have to agree. She’s a good villain. But there were too many factors in the movie that made her seem a bit like a cliche, for example the cockiness that blinds her choices and her feeling of superiority. Plus her powers are pretty boring. I honestly think they could’ve used Sirtir and the Enchantress for the movie villain–now that sounds good. Anyway, the action scenes were great in my opinion, how did you feel about the fight scenes?

Ilovethor: The fight scenes were breathtaking. Especially the fight with Hulk. There was a lot of jokes told by Thor during it, and that was really surprising to me in a good way because he usually doesn’t tell jokes and just wants to end evilness in Asgard and keep everything peaceful. The fight in Asgard was marvelous. There were

a lot of dramatic scenes that had me on the edge of my seat. What did you think about Loki and his personality in this movie?

MultiXen: I have to agree with you about the fight scenes. That Asgard fight was truly magnificent but I still think that fight had some issues in it that cannot be avoided like some problems with the choreography and some of the acting but overall it was a truly an impressive spectacle. About Loki, well, his personality still matched the feeling he had in the previous movie which is great. And he is still the same god of mischief. Since those after-credit scenes I have been wondering about what they mean. What I thought was that the ship that was shown at the end was Thanos’s ship, which would make sense with the release of Infinity War. What did you think that ship was and what did it mean to you?

Ilovethor: I was thinking the same thing as you. I think that ship is Thanos’s and another style of the ship from the one in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1. On another note I think that this ship is the Guardian of the Galaxies ship from the second movie. When this scene came up my eyes literally bulged with intensity and joy.

MultiXen: That scene at the end even though drove me to think more the meaning of it than any other after-credits scene but I really didn’t know what to think about it. It seemed like a very awkward way of advertising the new Infinity War movie because it was so sudden. But it was great material for all the speculation and theorizing that people are always eager to do with these after-credits scenes. Taika Waititi did well to make the movie a visual spectacle but the pacing was poorly done and need improvement. I think the next movie requires better choreography otherwise he is doing great. Do you think that the scene is a weird addition at the end or do you think it may have any hidden meanings?

Ilovethor: I don’t think it was an advertisement because if it was I feel that everyone waiting for that scene in the Infinity Wars trailer might be upset because it was shown at the end of Thor and they might be wondering like “Where’s that scene?”. If you were the director of Thor what would you have done to make it better?

MultiXen: If I was the director I would be putting more effort towards the choreography of the fight scenes because as a Marvel movie the fight scenes are what make the movie itself. The story would be another factor to be touched on but because of Age of Ultron it would be difficult to restructure the Thor character to be similar to the second Thor movie.what choreography goes into the fight scenes and try to add characters more slowly, try to include more backstory or depth to the character to themselves. Otherwise I would keep it as it is because it has an amazing mix of humour and drama but I would reduce the amount of jokes a little otherwise that’s what I would change.

Multixen’s full review of Thor: Ragnorok can be found here.

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