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Bojack Horseman is a find for dark humor enthusiasts

If you like Family Guy, American Dad, or Archer then this is a perfect show.

Bojack Horseman is a Netflix series now in its fourth season. It is one of the funniest TV series that I have watched on Netflix. The creators of the show have a very dark sense of humor so if you like dark humor this is the show for you.

Bojack Horseman is the type of show to offend you, but also make you feel at the same time. The series is set in a world populated by people and very people-like animals. The main character is a man who’s also a horse who is out of his prime in his acting career. He is struggling with alcoholism and his own identity. You could say Bojack is having some sort of a “mid life crisis”.

For example, in one of the episodes you see Bojack’s struggle with alcoholism when he is being interviewed. During the interview he is always drinking a full glass of liquor. Granted it doesn’t seem like a lot for one interview but then it is revealed that, Bojack had to do more than 20 interviews with more than 100 questions, implying that has been drinking and refilling his drink the whole time.  

The reason I like this show and would recommended it to others because the style of comedy they use. If you like shows like Family Guy, American Dad, Archer or The Cleveland Show then this is a perfect show for you because they all have the same style of humor; for example, they both tend to use jokes that are often focused on politics and religious figures. Another thing these shows have in common is their audience which are mainly adults and some teenagers. But in a way, these shows are all different from each other because a show like Family Guy would make a joke at the expense of certain religions while Bojack Horseman wouldn’t.

Another way these shows are the same is their tone. They will offend you and also hit you with the feels because certain episodes are sad–like the episode with Herb Kazzaz. This episode is one of the episodes you knew was going to be sad because it sets the tone right at the beginning with Bojack finding out that an old friend has gotten cancer. Bojack wants to apologize for all the things he had done to Herb, but when he sees Herb, Herb doesn’t accept his apology. To me that was the saddest part of the episode because if you had a friend who was about to die and you wanted apologize for all the wrongs you’ve done to that person and they shut you down on their deathbed that would be really hard to accept.

Netflix / Bojack Horseman
Netflix / Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman comes off as a show that can never be serious but just when you thought it can’t be, it is dead serious and you never expected it but for some reason you love it.

Another episode that stuck with me is the episode where Bojack was trying to get the lead role in the movie Secretariat. This episode was interesting because in the show you’d never seen Bojack try hard but in this episode he does and that was a really fun thing to see. It was like seeing one of your favourite TV characters reach their full potential.

I recommend this show because if you’re just wanting to see something new and exciting then this is the show for you, especially if you are looking for something exciting to watch that is funny but at the same time isn’t afraid to get real.

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