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The PlayStation Network was hacked yet again, but this time by OurMine!

OurMine was founded in 2014 and now decided to target the PlayStation Network.

Recently, the infamous hacking group known as OurMine hacked the PlayStation Network. The hack leaked the PlayStation Network databases and OurMine also took control of the PlayStation social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook. On the PlayStation Twitter and Facebook accounts, OurMine posted messages about the hack and they directed people who worked for PlayStation to head to the OurMine website. These tweets and posts were later deleted after PlayStation and Sony regained control of their social media accounts.

This wasn’t the first time the PlayStation Network was hacked. It was previously hacked in 2011, as well as, one of the biggest data security breaches, causing a 23 day outage. Over 77 million PSN accounts were compromised.

OurMine is a hacking group founded in 2014. They hacked celebrity internet accounts and advertised their services on them. OurMine didn’t start hacking until in 2016 when they targeted Twitter accounts such as accounts run by the Sony president; Netflix, Marvel, National Geographic Photography and Sony Music Global. Beyond Twitter, Ourmine also hacked the Instagram account of National Geographic and Jimmy Wales’ Wikimedia account. In 2017, they hacked Vevo leaking 3TB of data, WikiLeaks, YouTube, Omnia Media, CNN and Studio71.  

It is unclear what their purpose was in hacking the PlayStation Network and leaking its databases.

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