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Is the IPhone X really that bad?

The IPhone X has gotten a lot of hate online, and it may not be as significant an improvement as Apple would have you believe, but it is still a decent device.

The iPhone X is the 10th-anniversary iPhone from Apple but its release was not well received and was given much hate. Even when people haven’t used it, they say that it is bad. But with its many features does the phone really deserve the hate it has gotten?

The features of the new iPhone X include Face ID and an improved camera as well as Animoji but let’s talk about the actual feel of the phone. The iPhone X has a smaller model reminiscent of the iPhone 5 design but is heavier than the iPhone 6s plus despite being smaller. This compact design is convenient and fits many small pockets. The iPhone X camera is 4k HD, making photos brighter and highly detailed. The camera was Apple’s focus lately and here their efforts really shine through. The added portrait mode shows their attention to social media’s selfie craze. The camera has an astonishing 10x zoom which makes it possible for you to take pictures from far away and get those nice cliff shots even if you’re scared of heights. This focus towards cameras is a good step forward. Now they might put less focus towards programming as it is in a good place now and give the photography community some love.

The most controversial part of the iPhone X would be Face ID. Consumers are concerned that other people could access the phone by putting it near your face but actually, it only opens with eye contact which makes stealing it and opening it not as easy as they think. The Face ID feature just like the fingerprint scanner can easily get apps in the app store by just staring at your screen, which on its own is convenient.

One feature that the iPhone X lacks is the home button. This is interesting because the transition from app to home is actually much faster than it was on previous models. When you go from app to home screen all you do is slide up which is more convenient and consistent. I personally prefer the home button as I like to be well in control of leaving my apps, where as sliding can result in accidental exits. The feel of the home button is not as smooth as the sliding of the iPhone X but it was the easiest to get used and the fingerprint scanning is something I am going to miss. The fingerprint I feel is more consistent than the Face ID sometimes. It’s also more comfortable  than the idea of a camera scanning your face, which requires you to position the phone in right front of your face.

The iPhone X may sound better but it really isn’t, even though the phone is way more convenient to open when pulled out, the iPhone 6s plus did not have some of the errors that are being reported for the iPhone X, like the “ghost screen” where an image seems to be burned into the screen, creating a persistent ghost image. Still, the camera features are nice and have a lot of variety.

Even though the iPhone X costs the same amount as 7 cheap laptops the iPhone X is a fairly good buy, but I don’t suggest it if you already own the iPhone 6 or 7 as they are also great phones to have. Overall, the iPhone X is not as bad as you may have been told.

iPhone X Rating: 7.5/10

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  1. For your post’s photo you should have used a picture of an iPhone X not that one


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