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Is MLB The Show 18 A Hit Or Miss?

There has been much controversy around the cover of the video game, MLB The Show 18, featuring rookie-of-the-year Aaron Judge. Is this really a deal breaker?

Recently, the new cover for a very famous MLB game, The Show 18, was released and many people did not appreciate it at all. The cover features rookie-of-the-year Aaron Judge, who is a player that fans both love and hate. I believe that the cover was a good choice and the game will still get plenty of sales because of all the hype around Aaron Judge. People that aren’t familiar with The Show series, like lots of my friends are going to get the game on the release date. Lots of people will also like this cover because they have a lot of respect for Judge, considering he’s one of the best rookies to ever play baseball in the big leagues.

Why are people hating on the American copy of the MLB The Show cover? MLB headquarters released an image of the cover on their Instagram page showing that it will feature Aaron Judge on the American copy of game, Marcus Stroman on the Canadian version, which buyers actually seem to like more. People from America are saying they’re going to order the Canadian copy just so they don’t need to see Judge on the cover of their game, and others are saying they’re not going to get the game at all, which makes no sense in my opinion. You shouldn’t let the cover of a game judge the overall quality. Could a cover really be a deal-breaker for a video game?  


Some people don’t understand why this is such a big deal and to be honest with you, I don’t get it either. It could end up being that people are hating on it because they see comments of other people hating on it so they decide to hop on the hate train. People believe that just because Judge had 37 consecutive games where he struck out (which is a record that used to be held by Adam Dunn who had 36 consecutive game strikeouts) that he doesn’t deserve to be on the cover. Even though that’s an embarrassing record, it still doesn’t give the viewers the right to dislike  him. He’s done a lot more than strikeout to be awarded rookie-of-the year, silver slugger, first time all-star plus, and let’s not forget about how he beat the record for most homeruns in a rookie year, hitting 52 home runs in the 2017 season.

Even though plenty of people are hating on the cover lots of people still like it. If they are baseball lovers and fans of this game series, they aren’t just going to stop playing it because of the cover. On the other hand, many people are fans of Aaron Judge or maybe just fans of the Yankees. Either way, this game is going to still get lots  of sales this year.


People should not be hating on Judge for only one bad thing he’s done. People should also consider the many impressive things he’s accomplished. That include  winning rookie of the year, hitting the most homeruns in a rookie year, winning silver slugger, being an all-star and  for being clutch in many of the games in the World Series.  


Tell me in the comments down below if you’re a fan of The Show series and if you’re going to get the new game!


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