The Misfits: Enjoyable Story About The People That Don’t Fit In

A group of four teens going through a rough patch in their lives show others how to make their way through it.

The Misfits by James Howe is a novel that revolves around a group of four best friends. They have a very difficult time socially at their school. They call themselves the gang of 5 although there are only four of them. These four friends are just trying to make a difference in bullying. They wanted it to stop and didn’t want anyone going through the bullies they had to deal with daily. In my opinion the book is very good. I don’t have anything negative to address about this book, and I believe it was very intriguing and enjoyable, I highly recommend this book to anyone.

There are four main characters in the book: a chubby guy named Bobby, the abnormally tall girl Addie, JoDan who is a boy being bullied for being very feminine, and the greaser Skeezie. One of the protagonists in this story, Bobby, gets fat-shamed often at his school. The kids call him names like Fluff, Fatso and Porkchop. He works as a tie salesman, his boss Mr. Kellerman,who he likes to refer to as “killer,” is very hard on him even though Bobby is just a rookie on the job. On top of all the people fat-shaming Bobby, he struggles with the death of his his mom. She had passed away due to cancer when he was in grade three. In a way, I could relate to Bobby: recently my grandpa passed away due to cancer. It’s very hard not having him in my life anymore and I couldn’t imagine losing my mom.

This book helps us understand people some would describe as “weird”– they probably have a lot more going on in their life outside of school. This is a very good book because it has raised lots of awareness for bullying and has raised my awareness and I will be sure to stick up for any kid I see going through a rough time at school.  

I would give this book a solid 5/5. I really enjoyed this novel and found that it was a very easy to read. I don’t usually enjoy reading books, but the storyline was very easy for me to follow along with. This book keeps you very entertained. I suggest this book to anyone who has a hard time finding interest in reading. If you would like to read about people going through a rough patch in their life and overcoming those obstacles, then this is the story for you.

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