NFL Pro Bowl competition is the game of the year

It is every player’s dream compete in these high-scoring, high-energy games.

The NFL Pro Bowl is a game showcasing the NFL’s top performing athletes of the regular season. It is divided into two teams: The AFC division team and the NFC division team. This game is a time for the top athletes in the NFL from different teams to play together and have fun. It is usually a light contact game because winning the game is more about bragging rights considering everyone gets paid almost the same amount to play in the game.

The Pro Bowl is not just one game of football though–there are multiple competitions before the game such as the Strong Man Challenge which is a competition to see how many reps of 215 pounds you can bench press. The current record is 45 reps completed by Larry Allen in 2006. There is a catching competition for the wide receivers where they see how many different catches they can do such as one handed catches and sideline catches that–they can make in a set amount of time. It is all for good fun and the games themselves are very entertaining. The games are held in different locations every year although this year it will be held in the same location as last year: Orlando, Florida.  

The players are selected by voting. The players with the most votes make the team. The Pro Bowl is a very exciting and fun experience. It is every player’s dream in the NFL to compete in it. The Pro Bowl is exciting to watch because they are usually high-scoring, high-energy games with scores  up in the 50s sometimes which is very high for a regular game, because it is all of the top athletes in the NFL playing together.

This year I am looking forward to see the seeing Kareem Hunt, Le’veon Bell, Alvin Kamara, Jalen Ramsey and Marshon Lattimore to name just a few. It will be fun to see them play together. It’s a line up that has us all waiting for January 28th.

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