A Ghost Story That Will Terrify You Beyond Your Limits

Beyond has many bone chilling moments that will leave you with nightmares.

Beyond by Graham Mcnamee
Published by: Wendy Lamb books
226 Pages

Beyond by Graham Mcnamee definitely caught my eye while I was looking in the library. A lot of people that I know have read this book. It is really popular and each person that has read it had nothing negative to say. Graham Mcnamee has written a lot of good books such as Bone Chiller and Acceleration but I personally believe that this was his best. Here’s why.

One of the scary parts in this book is about a girl who was told by her dad and her sister that she would randomly get up and sleep walk around her house. One day her dad saw Jane bumping her head on a wall and then trying to run as far away as she could from her house. After that day, her dad put a tracker on her ankle that would set off an alarm if she were to leave the house at night, which would wake her up. That’s just one of the good parts in this book. One thing that I was wondering was, where would she go if her dad didn’t stop her? What if the loud alarm wouldn’t go off? Would she wake up at some random place, or would she go to somewhere where the ghosts are and never be seen again?

Jane, the protagonist, and her best friend Lexi are trying to solve this mystery of why she keeps getting up early in the morning. Is she possessed or is this just a ghost telling her what to do in her mind? I personally felt scared while reading this book but that’s because I connected with Jane. She has a funny and cool personality. At times she is really serious like when she started to realize something was happening in her new house. If you have a good sense of humour and like horror books or films like me, then you will definitely connect with Jane and enjoy Beyond. This book was really interesting and I couldn’t stop reading it. I kept wanting to know what was going to happen next.

I found this book really interesting. I give it a 7/10 rating. I recommend this book to somebody who is looking for a little scare. The author Graham Mcnamee has written a lot of other scary stuff such as Bone Chill, Defender, Acceleration and many other interesting books. I recommend that you try to read Beyond first.

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