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The new NHL team is shocking everyone and could have a shot at the Stanley Cup

The new NHL team “The Vegas Golden Knights” are dominating the league.

Over the last couple of years there was talk about a new expansion team in the NHL. They were considering Las Vegas, Quebec City and Toronto to get a new team. Eventually during the 2016/17 season the NHL and Las Vegas made an agreement that Las Vegas would get an NHL team starting in the 2017/18 season.

At first there were rumours about them being called the “Vegas Black Knights”, “Vegas Desert Knights” and “The Vegas Aces”. Finally they announced that they would be called, “The Vegas Golden Knights.” After they announced the name everyone was getting hyped for the jersey and logo releases. In June, the jerseys and logo were released.

After Vegas released their jerseys in June there was talk about how they could have made them better. I personally think they are bad. I think the red in the jersey makes no sense and it shouldn’t be there. A lot of people were talking about how ugly they are compared to other teams’ jerseys and I hope they will make a new jersey in the couple of years.

After Vegas drafted their team, everyone was wondering how they would win. Looking at their roster, the only guy they had that was really good was James Neal. It is currently January and halfway through the season and Vegas is first overall. That’s right–first!

Although they don’t really have any superstars besides James Neal, they win because all the players are decent. When you think about it, their 3rd/4th lines are all guys that can be 2nd/3rd liners. Here is a look at their roster after the expansion draft.

At the beginning of the season, the Vegas Golden Knights had some bad luck with goal-tending. All of their goalies were injured and they had to pick up Malcolm Subban (P.K. and Jordan’s brother). Although they had goal-tending issues they still found a way to win.

Do you think Vegas can win the cup in their first year in the NHL? Could they beat the best team in the eastern conference, or will they fall apart in the playoffs?

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