Overtime by David Skuy shows how you never know what’s going on in a teenager’s mind

Overtime involves on and off ice problems of a teenager named Charlie Joyce

Overtime by David Skuy
216 pages

In Overtime, by David Skuy, a teenager named Charlie Joyce plays on a hockey team named the Rebels. Charlie is in a tough situation: the school year just started and he recently found out that his school will be closing due to damage on the roof. All the kids are upset because the principal has assigned the kids to new schools.

Charlie and his friends have an opportunity to raise a lot of money and all they have to do is win a hockey tournament–a co-ed hockey tournament. Charlie and his friends are all dedicated to the “Rebels” and have to make a decision to make a team or not. Charlie is embarrassed to play co-ed hockey. One of the characters scolds him: ““Everything’s a joke to you, including this team. And obviously the Rebels think its a joke to play with girls.” But they knew that’s what he had to do to have any chance to save their school. Everything is going well until a freak accident occurs that could change everything.

I like how this book can relate to teenagers who play sports. I play hockey just like Charlie and I understand how you can have problems on and off the ice. I think David Skuy did a good job writing this book and thinking about how people can connect to Charlie and his friends. I can connect with Charlie because he is just like any boy that plays sports: he is passionate for the game he loves and always tries to improve, such as playing street hockey with his friends.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and would give it a 7/10 rating. It is a quick read and I would recommend it for teenagers that like hockey, although some chapters didn’t have as much action as others. This is book number 4 in the Charlie Joyce series but it doesn’t matter if you haven’t read the first three books. There are five books in this series and if you like this book you should go read the others. If you like hockey and if you found this book review interesting then I definitely think you should check it out. Does Charlie and his friends win the tournament? Or will everything go wrong after the accident?

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