NBA2K18 is trash

The game would be worth the buy if there weren't so many bugs and it didn't have lag but with all the problems you should stick to playing 2K17.

NBA2K18 is the newest game in the popular NBA2K series, released in September of 2017. The series has been very successful throughout the years as there was always something to offer, such as many different game modes including MyCareer, My Team and MyGeneral Manager (GM).

One reason the NBA2K series of games have always been successful is because of the game mode, MyCareer. MyCareer gives you the chance to create and play as your own player. This is a really good aspect to the game because it gives you the chance to feel like you’re a real life NBA player, which is really cool to have in a game. Other games like Madden NFL 17 and NHL 17 have also included this feature due to its success.

There are a few reasons this game mode is so successful. You can do so many other different things inside your own career such as another game mode called MyPark. MyPark lets you go online and challenge your friends or just random people on the internet with your own player. You get the chance to team up with players in MyPark and challenge others to games. This is one of 2K’s most-played game modes other than MyTeam.

Another reasons this series has been successful is because of MyTeam. MyTeam is a game mode that allows you to create your own team from current rosters in the NBA. In MyTeam you obtain consumable items known as “card packs”. These cards give you what you need to start your own team such as a GM, stadium, jerseys, players, player contracts and health cards that will help your players if they get injured. But there’s also other packs that will give you players that are Hardwood Classics, which includes players from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. In the game mode the players you get have different levels that are determined by color with the lowest level of player being bronze and the highest being pink diamond. Other colors are silver, gold, emerald, sapphire, ruby, amethyst, and diamond. This game mode lets you challenge others online with your own team.

I find that all these game modes make the game fun but on the other hand I find that the game is pay-to-win. In all these game modes they give you chances to earn “VC,” which is the game’s version of money, but the amount of VC they give you for playing is little to none, so most people, including myself, just end up buying VC, which is expensive. It usually ranges from $20-$100 which is super expensive for a game you already pay $80-$100 for.

To me the game isn’t worth the buy because there are so many bugs it’s ridiculous. When I was playing MyCareer when I inbounded the ball and my player froze. The game crashed and when that happens, it’s just such a hassle because you have to reset your whole console. In other versions of 2K, that almost never happens but with 2K18 you find it happening all the time.  

the game doesn’t completely crash, it still has problem with lagging. Sometimes when you’re playing you can be halfway down the court and all of a sudden your player freezes, then suddenly reappears totally out of bounds. All of this makes me want to just stop playing 2K18 and just put in 2K17 where there is no lag, no freezing and no crashing.

The game’s main spokesperson, Ronnie Singh, AKA Ronnie 2K, hasn’t said much about the bugs and I don’t know if they’re trying to fix the problems but I hope they are because other players have had issues with this and they’ve all had enough.

I love the NBA2k series, but with the bugs and the lag that plagues 2K18, it just isn’t worth the buy. If I were you, I’d stick to playing NBA2K17.    

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