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Getting out of my comfort zone and down the slopes

My goal for myself is to try new things. Even if it might end in disaster.

My goal for myself is to try new things. It might be a bit awkward, but I might find something I really enjoy doing. I believe this is important because I might find something I really enjoy doing, but I will never know if I never get out of my comfort zone and try new things.

Recently, I’ve tried hitting the slopes for the first time.

About two weeks ago I decided to learn how to ski. I remember thinking that it was going to be easy to learn and I would have no trouble picking it up.

When I reached the peak of the slope I had butterflies in my stomach. It was snowing quite hard and visibility was low so I couldn’t see certain bumps in the snow. I was surrounded by people who were talented skiers, which made me feel slightly out of place.

My friends all started racing down the slope, so I followed. I didn’t know how to slow down or “carve,” as my friends would say. I ended up racing down the hill at full speed with no balance whatsoever. I continued to pick up speed as I skied down the hill aimlessly until I ended up flying off the top of a big hill. At this moment my heart was racing. I had never experienced a fall on skis before and didn’t know what to expect when I landed. I dropped for what felt like five seconds until I came crashing down about ten feet below with my skis nowhere in sight. When I regained my awareness all I could see was a sheet of white. It was snowing so hard, making it difficult to see even two feet in front of me.

It was my very first run and already I had taken a huge wipeout.

After finding my skis, I met up with my friends to get some help. They told me that when I wanted to slow down I should angle the tips of my skis together like a pizza slice. Surprisingly, this advice really helped my balance and I was able to make my way down the run without too many bails.

As the day progressed so did my skiing. By the end of the day I was able to complete runs without even falling. A couple of times I even attempted to hit some jumps on the side of the run. I didn’t quite land them but at least I tried.

That night I went home feeling proud that I had been able to ski without it being a total disaster.

But I wasn’t done trying new things yet.

The next time I went to the ski hill, I had a new mission. Instead of improving my skiing skills I wanted to try snowboarding. Most of my friends snowboard and it looked really fun so I decided to try it out. This time I wasn’t as nervous for my first run because skiing went well, for the most part, so how hard could snowboarding be?

Turns out much harder, today was a clear and sunny day. The slope was slightly icy which made feel uneasy, as I did not want to come crashing down on hard, icy snow. From the moment I went down the slope I knew snowboarding was a whole nother monster.

Being strapped to the board on both feet was really throwing me off and I couldn’t get ahold of my balance. I fell every two seconds the majority of the first run. It took me a few more runs before I learned how to control the board enough to stay upright. One upside of snowboarding is not having to retrieve my skis every time I fell.

This time it was a total disaster.

I never truly got the hang of snowboarding that day, but I know that it takes skill and skill takes practice.

I plan on getting back on the mountain a couple more times this year and improving. From the two times I went to the mountain I really enjoyed it, which was what I was hoping to happen. I wanted to try new things and get out of my comfort zone and by going up to the mountain I believe I achieved my goal. I am very proud of myself for pushing myself out of my comfort zone because I found a fun, new activity. I strongly encourage everyone to get out there, push yourself, try new things, because you don’t want your life to fly by full of missed opportunities.


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