Black Friday tips and tricks

Black Friday is immensely busy and preparation is necessary. We’ve got the tips to help you get a head start and maybe even enjoy the rush!

Black Friday only comes once a year. Many wait around for this because it’s that time of year that they get their extreme dose of shopping in while others consider this day to be overwhelming and busy. For those that love this day this is definitely the right article for you to be reading. This day can be a day of havoc to many and most of these tips will help you survive the Black Friday rush.

Many stores come out with their deals on this day. One really good store that comes out with a few big deals is the electronics giant, Best Buy. They have a good sale for Black Friday which is a Samsung 55” curved TV that was originally $899.00 and is now $200 off the original price. There are also certain kitchen gadgets such as stand mixers and blenders that have significant discounts. If you have been looking for a cheaper tablet, they also have big markdowns on Amazon Tablets. If you are more in the market for clothing and accessories, check out Aldo. Their prices are normally more than you would expect but they have a good sale on shoes and accessories. They often have buy-one-get-one-free deals on scarves that are perfect for the cold season coming up.

A good first tip for this day is to skip the Black Friday hunt at big-name stores all together and shop instead at low-priced stores. Most stores you see on Black Friday have big ads to capture attention. Big markdowns at places like “Aritzia” or “Sport Chek” make them get more crowded and busy. If you instead go into a store with fewer ads and signs, you will see shorter lineups. Low key stores such as small swimsuit or shoe stores tend to have more deals and cost-saving prices that you will be happy with.

Secondly, have a budget. Having a budget is a good idea whenever you do any kind of shopping. Many search for certain things they have wanted for awhile, such as a certain pair of pants or even a sweatshirt. If you really want a certain item you are most likely willing to pay any amount, which is how I am when it comes to shopping. This is why a budget is good. It helps you keep a border line on how much you should buy based on what you actually need. Even though it may this may seem like a very basic tip, I have not used a budget when I have been Black Friday shopping and bought unneeded items which rarely end up using. That is why this can be very helpful on big days like Black Friday when sales seem to be all your eyes search for.

Always read the fine print. Many advertisements you see whether you see them on TV or anywhere else will contain a fine print. This can easily trick your eyes. Shoppers may find that  when they are about to check out their items, they did not get the lowered price because the fine print stated that the half price only applies to the items with the “red tag.” Reading the fine print can help prevent this, especially on big shopping days like Black Friday where a lot of ads and signs start to pop up.

On Black Friday, if you are an early bird, you can get the jump on the shopping competition. Most big sale days get an early start compared to their normal time and if you are used to them you can get an early start too. Most stores in Canada start from somewhere between 9-10 am. The whole stock is in at this time. But if there are big sales and widely seen ads, lineups may start a few hours before the stores open. As the day progresses more people buy which reduces the stock and your choices. If you really want certain items for a good price it would be a good idea to wake up and be there earlier.

Another way to get the most out of Black Friday is to collect coupons and sign up for emails. Although Black Friday is already known for big sales, you can do some extra work to make these sales more worth it. A great way to do this is by going online to the stores’ websites (look for email sign ups nearby Black Friday ads) or going through a newspaper and collecting coupons. This way the sales can rise and so can the items in your shopping cart. Normally, if you are getting closer to Black Friday the stores’ sites will have this sign up closer to the top. Doing this might give them a chance to send you some deals ahead of time. This will definitely help you out.

Black Friday is immensely busy and preparation is necessary. By following some of these tips you can get a great head start as well as enjoy taking your time while buying. These tips will help you enjoy Black Friday without all the stress.

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