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Compass Card Wristband! The all new wearable transit pass that is already sold out

Translink released just 2000 wristbands for the Vancouver transit to test the market and generate buzz ahead of a second release in February. And the market is responding.

Translink is in the news for their all-new wearable compass card, the company recently released 2,000 wristbands to the public. But unless you are willing to pay big bucks to re-sellers, you’ll have to wait until February to get one.

2,000 of course, is not a lot when you consider that Translink services much of the entire Greater Vancouver area, with a population of 2.5 million. So, why the small figure? Maybe to get people to talk about the product and get excited about it. That’s what it has done for me.

The wristband costs $6 just like a normal Compass Card but since there were only so few of them released, you can already see them on websites like Craigslist or eBay selling for from $30 to $60 dollars.

What’s so great about a wristwatch to tap into transit? this little silicone gadget is waterproof to the point where you can wear it in the shower with you if that’s what you want.

A possible downside to the wristband is that you’ll have to wear it on your right hand if you want to reach the buses right-side card readers comfortably, and that’s not always a right-hander’s preference.

Translink was asked if they have any other compass card ideas they are thinking of. The spokesperson mentioned the possibility of a Translink phone case and said that they are always open to new ideas.

I’ll be lining up for my wristband when they restock in February because it makes my life easier. I don’t want to dig into my wallet everytime I get on the bus and risk dropping something. It’ll especially come in handy when my hands are full. But if I had one right now, I’d probably put it up for $200 on Craigslist, just to see what happens.

Cover Image: Translink Buzzer

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