What’s interesting in Canada? Lots!

You will not regret travelling to Canada--it has so many beautiful things and is a great place for making memories.

Canada is known for being one of the top ten idealistic countries to live in the world. They have many unique points that can make you interested in such as their cultural or their day life habit. During my visit to Canada, I was lucky to get a beautiful experience. There’s many things that make Canada special to me.

Canada is a multicultural nation. This is expressed most obviously in the language and food. In Canada, besides English, French and Spanish are also very popular. More than 140 languages are used in this country. What if you aren’t really speak English well? If you are in a major city, it probably will be fine because even you are Chinese, Vietnamese or Japanese, you will find many people there who speak your language and can support you. Multiculturalism is also shown in the cuisine. You can find Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Korean restaurants in Canada, to name just a few. You can find an authentic taste of those countries in Canada because the restaurants are often run by natives of those countries.

The line up habit in Canada is one that makes me really respect the citizens here. I’d already known that Canada is a polite and friendly country but until I came there to experience it myself, I was still surprised. For example, whether you are in small market or a massive grocery store, you’ll see orderly queues. Canadians always wait without any discomfort or complaints. Some people even may let you go first if they see you are in a rush. The same holds true when waiting for the bus. People are conscientious and organized. In my country–Vietnam–people are always annoyed when they have to line up and a queue only happens when it is demanded.

Canadians are known as elegant and gentle people in communication. They use the words “Sorry and thank you” all the time in their conversation so it almost becomes their national style. When they say “Sorry,” it doesn’t mean something is their faults or they did something wrong, it just means they are trying to be respectful and considerate of everybody beside them.

Canadian says “Thank you” to bus drivers, cashiers and pretty much everyone who helps them out with anything.

People are pleased to begin conversations by asking some simple questions about your health or the weather and finish it with, “Thanks a lot!” At the first meeting, they would like to talk about your country, your favorite thing or your family. That’ll make your feel close with them more quickly. When everybody feels more comfortable, they may use less “thanks” with you. To compare with other countries like Germany or American, citizens of those countries are quite colder than Canadians and only words like “thanks” or “sorry” if they are truly and significantly sorry or grateful.

If you’re the kind of person who is attracted by shining lights on the street, Canada will be an idealistic place to visit and make some wonderful pictures. Canada is always ready for both your short and long holidays. You can enjoy your vacations in there for only three days or all month, without any boredom. This is because they have festivals non-stop year round. They also have different interesting activities for each festival. Some holiday that can be listed such as New Year’s day, Islander day, Louis Riel Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Victoria Day, National Aboriginal Day, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day, and more.

In Canada, the boundary between richer and poorer is more slender than some other nations. The reason is that wealthy people don’t like to boast and prefer to have a simple lifestyle. Another cause is the valuation of money. The eager people in Canada can have normal life with clothes and food like others. The only thing that makes the difference between them is the upper class would save money for visiting to enjoy their holiday. Moreover, upper class in this country is always friendly and they’re glad to help lower class people.

Canada has so many other things to witness. In order to see everything this place has to offer, you might find yourself becoming a permanent resident. You will find yourself facing regret unless you come to Canada and experience these memorable moments.   

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