Spider-Man Air Jordans swing into the Sneakerverse

What can’t be bought in store but only on the “web”

 The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG GS “Spider-Man Origin Story” are one of the newer limited-edition sneakers. They are inspired by Marvel’s film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in which the main character wears these sneakers. The release of these got many fans excited as the movie was only shown on Christmas day and the sneakers were limited edition, motivating both Marvel fans and sneaker-heads to buy them as soon as they could.

The colorway of the Jordans are a simple red, black, and white with an icy light blue translucent bottom and translucent dots called “Kirby Dots” separated evenly all over the shoe. Kirby Dots or Kirby Krackle is an artistic style in Marvel comics to depict energy. The colorway of the Spider-Man Jordans are somewhat similar to the Air Jordan Retro OG Chicago Ones, but changing the style of the sole.

The shoe are nicely fitted and do not give your foot a bigger and chunky feeling like Nike Air Forces. They soles feel flat but soft. Once the sneakers are broken in, they fit more comfortably on your foot as they are a little stiff straight out of the box. Walking in these shoes makes you feel confident in your strides–not just because of the construction but also because of the reputation.

They are easy to pair with anything from casual to fancy as the sneakers are a high-end, street-style look. You can wear and appreciate these sneakers’ timelessness and authenticity.

Jordans may have been created for basketball but these are high-end fashion sneakers that are meant to be worn as streetwear. They range in price from $550 to $315 Cdn before taxes. The price will only rise as these limited edition sneakers get more rare. The premium price is not only due to style and reputation, though. You are also getting high-end quality leather, soles, and fabric. These sneakers are easy to maintain and keep clean.

All considered, the limited edition Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG GS “Spider-Man Origin Story” are a hot buy that anyone could rock and get their money’s worth. These shoes are ones to look for as they are a unique and modern twist on a classic, putting that Marvel super-energy into an already electric brand.

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