Boston lost and I am crushed

I've rewatched the game and highlights to double and triple check if this is really happened. It was the absolute worst thing.

Well, the Stanley Cup Finals are over, and I, for one, am not celebrating. I mean I don’t know about you but I’ve been a Bruins fan since 2003. I couldn’t believe that this year we were in the finals again. It felt like when you watch a movie and the character thinks they’re just having a really good dream, then pinches herself to see if it’s real and it is! Queue the up-beat happy music. I was so happy. My whole life and everyone in it was taken up by hockey. Last year Boston got knocked the first round so it wasn’t a big deal, I just shook it off. But this year was different, this year we were in the finals.

In game one of the series, the Blues came out with a goal by Scheen, then in the second the Blues scored another by Tarasenko making it a two nothing lead for them. Then Boston finally answering with a two goals late in the second by Clifton and McAvoy, making it a tie at the end of the second. Then in the third Kuraly scored and for the first time that night the Bruins, had the lead. And at the end of the game Marchan scored an empty netter for the Bruins ending the game.

In game two, my boys came out strong with a goal at the beginning of the game scored by Coyle. Giving them a home lead. But it didn’t last too long as Bortuzzo scored tying the game up. One minute later Nordstrom scored bring the lead back. By the end of the Tarasenko tied the game up. That tie lasted into overtime with Gunnarsson getting a lucky shot, ending the game in a 1 to 1 series match.

In game three, Boston came out showing the Blues who’s boss with a goal by Bergeron. Also in the first we had two more goals by Coyle and Kuraly, giving Boston a strong three to nothing lead going into the second. Then in the second, Boston came out with a goal by Pastrnak, which then the Blues answering with a goal by Barbashev making the game four to one. To end off the second Krug hit the net scoring a goal giving Boston 5 goals going into the third. To start off the third Blue’s got a lucky goal, scored by Parayko deflection off of Maroon’s back. Then to end off the game Acciari scored an empty netter followed up with another goal by Johansson. Ending the game with a seven to two victory for the Bruins, and giving them a 2 to 1 series lead. My house could not have been louder than it was after the game. The only way it could have gotten louder was if we had two red goal horns.

Along came games four and five, both of which the Blues won. In game four during the second, while the Blues were up 2 to 1, Brenden Chen took a shot right not at the net but right at Chara’s mouth. In the living room at my house it went so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. The shot was so hard it knocked Chara right out and broke his jaw. When game five rolled around Chara actually played with a broken jaw. The Blues won giving them giving them a 3 to 2 series lead. After these games my family was split in half. My dad and brother had supported the Bruins going into the series, but they weren’t true fans like me. They jumped on the Blues bandwagon. I’m not talking to my brother right now.

Game six is here, I officially had no more fingernails left because I was so nervous. I mean what if the Blues took the cup this very game? I was so on edge I didn’t even want to watch it live. I just checked the live update every five minutes. The first goal was by Marchand, all I could think to myself was thank the gods! The second period remained quiet with both goalies making saves. Then in the third Carlo and Kuhlman both score goals giving Boston a three to nothing lead going into the third. The Blues follow up with one goal, but no damage done. Because Pastrnak and Chara both scored ending the game at five to one. Shutting down the Blues and making it a 3 to 3 series tie. As soon as the game was over I ran over the where my dad and brother were watching the game and laughed at the traitors.

It was game seven, we had made it. The cup was in the building. I was totally beside myself, my mind keeps racing thing about whether I should even watch the game or not. I mean what if it is like bad luck or something? Ok, whatever, I thought, I’m gonna watch it. If I don’t I will probably cry.

Noo! The first goal was scored went in late in the first by a tip off of O’reilly for the Blues. Then in the last few seconds of the first Pietrangelo scored now making it two, nothing. At this point, I needed to take a breather, because I’m getting so worked up. I could feel my eyes starting to tear up. Then in the second, Schenn scores, we just aren’t getting lucky today. The second was over and we were going into the third, three to nothing. Before it started I did a quick prayer. We had to turn this game around. After each period I could slowly feel the cup slipping away further and further. But I had to keep happy, and stay calm. Then, out of nowhere near the end of the third Sanford scores making it four to nothing. About two minutes later Grzelcyk Scored breaking Binnington’s shut out. I knew where this game was going, in fact I knew since the start of the third, but for some reason I was still holding on to a little hope.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. The Blues had won. I was crying rivers. I wanted to lock myself in my bathroom and drown in my tears for a solid two hours or until there was nothing left in me to come out.

I’ve rewatched the game and highlights to double and triple check if this is really happened. It was the absolute worst thing. You can catch me sad and angry for the rest of the school year now.

And I’m still not talking to my brother.

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