But why is it called “Boxing Day?”

This holiday has more meaning than just shopping sales.

Boxing day is the day you can run wild, shopping for all the things you want for great deals. It is “every shopaholics dream”–a day where they can get their hands on a number of things, or anything they wanted for a cheaper price!

But why is this big day after Christmas called “Boxing day?” Well, it definitely has nothing to do with the sport of boxing. No one really knows a single most important reason, but let me explain two different reasons given by historians. These two reasons show that the true meaning of boxing day is not about the sales, but about generosity.

First of all, a Christmas present comes in a “box,” so “boxing” can refer to giving a present to a friend. Secondly, the “box,” might also refer to the box that you might drop donations into. Boxing Day is a day where you collect and give money to the poor by placing money in church boxes on Christmas, which are then opened on Boxing Day.

Different countries celebrate boxing day a little differently, even giving it a whole new name. In England, Wales, Australia and New Zealand they have some fun events like horse shows, picnics and rides outdoors. In South Africa, they call this day the “Day of Goodwill,” which still gives the same message as the historical boxing day activities mentioned above.

Boxing Day is great for everyone to enjoy. Sure, you can get things you might need or want for a very low price for yourself, but giving to others is very kind and noble. It means a lot that everyone benefits from this holiday. It is a holiday of “giving” and showing love and compassion towards one another and to society. So let’s remember the real meaning of Boxing Day and celebrate it right this year.

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