David Beckham’s Inter Miami CF will change the MLS, but give them time

The MLS might get changed for good after Inter Miami enter the league with high expectations

As one of the new expansion teams coming in 2020, Inter Miami wants to change the MLS with soccer legend David Beckham leading the team from the front office. The US-Canadian soccer league is preparing for the wildest off season yet, as Inter Miami looks overseas, to Europe, to find talent.

Since the MLS season is played at different times than leagues in Spain, Italy, Germany, England and elsewhere, Inter will have to wait for the European transfer window to open at the end of summer so players can depart from European teams. Until then, Inter Miami will not be at their full strength. 

So far the new expansion team only has three players on the roster, but are looking to free agency and the expansion draft to fill up the rest of the slots. Although Miami does not have enough players to fill a starting lineup, they have reason to be optimistic as soccer legend David Beckham is playing a central role in the effort to sign stars from all over. With brand new facilities set to open and Beckham leading the lines, people are looking at Inter as the place to be in the next few years. 

As aging stars look for new homes and new challenges, many other prospects in Europe are intrigued by Beckham’s pitch to join his club. For example, one of the most likely stars set to join Miami is Manchester City legend, David Silva. The world cup winner has an expiring contract and has already announced his departure from the club once the season is over. 

Another star rumored for a switch and looking likely to join the team, is Edinson Cavani from PSG, as his contract expires mid-2020. 

Rumored but less likely to join is Luis Suarez from Barcelona. Suarez would likely have to wait one more season since his contract ends in 2021. 

Inter looks to be a game changer more and more not only due to their ability to attract European talent but also due to the $966 million new facility they will open in 2022. The new facilities that are light years ahead of any other MLS complex. The new complex has several features alongside the stadium such as practice fields, team facilities, and baseball diamonds.

The newly added team are already putting their mark on MLS appearing in the headlines every week and the rest of the league is taking notice. Following the entry of Miami into the MLS, other cities are also looking to get their own team and Charlotte is at “the front of the line,” according to ESPN

As Nashville is set to enter the league in 2020 and St. Louis in 2022, both teams, and even LA Galaxy are looking to follow in the footsteps of Inter Miami by attracting talent from all over the globe. LA is even trying to snag Cavani before he signs with Miami, especially since they lost all-star player Ibrahimovic due to his contract expiry. Other teams across the league are now looking to add big name players to try to bring success to their franchise while also energizing their fan base with a well-known player.  

At the moment, Inter Miami doesn’t yet have any high-profile player signings nor their record breaking most expensive stadium, but they aim to grab several star players, attracting them with warm weather, a big stadium, and a legendary soccer player David Beckham running the club.    

Image Credit: flickr

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