Asian fashion icon G-Dragon makes a comback with a new shoe collaboration

The K-Pop star returns from military service not with a musical project but with series of limited edition Air Force 1s.

G-Dragon, the leader of K-POP band Big Bang, was discharged from military service last October, however, instead of quickly returning to music, the K-POP leader unexpectedly partnered with Nike to release a new shoe design with the unique icon from his own brand: Peaceminusone. 

Kwon “G-Dragon” Ji Yong’s latest shoe collaboration, The Nike Air Force 1 X PEACEMINUSONE Para-Noise, is becoming one of the hottest kicks of the season, causing a stir among all K-pop fan communities as well as the shoe aficionados on its day of release.
Peaceminusone announced on November 23rd that it will start selling the shoes for 219,000 Won (approximately $245 Cdn). In this collection, there are three different versions, easily distinguished by the swoosh marks. The shoes with the red swoosh mark are sold only to people who have a phone number and household registered in Korea. A small number of Korean young people were allowed to purchase the shoe ahead of the official release date through an exclusive social media launch. According to some local retailers, the red swoosh mark version officially released 818 pairs for sale. Each pair was sold with a chance to win a ticket to private concert by G-Dragon. In many shoe reselling platforms, the red swoosh shoes are selling for as much as $6,000 Cdn.

Beside the red swoosh mark, there is another version with a yellow swoosh mark only released in a limiting number of 88 pairs. The only way to own this pair so far is to directly receive them from G-Dragon. The shoes are expected to be given to influential Asian artists and staff. Each pair will be hand-numbered from 1 to 88 by G-Dragon himself. A tattoo artist name Dr. Woo was one of the first people to get the yellow swoosh edition. This rare edition has not yet shown up on sneaker resale sites like Stockx and Goat.

Additional, there is another version sold internationally with the white swoosh mark. The drop was strongly responded to by the “shoe hunters,” selling out in only five minutes. Throughout the history of Peaceminusone, items have never been in stock for longer than 10 minutes after drops so this was not an exception. That quickly sell out has helped push up prices on re-selling sites. The price on Stockx is now standing at $600 Cdn and is unlikely to drop until the next re-release.

One of the reasons making the Para-Noise the shoe of the year is an innovative design feature. It features a colorful hidden picture under the black leather of the shoe. No shoe will be alike because the leather skin will appear differently depending on the walk and usage of each person.

G-Dragon said the inspiration for the sneakers was aroused from his childhood thoughts. “Ever since I came across hip-hop as a kid, AF1 has had a meaning greater than just shoes. I couldn’t afford them, so I would always pass the Nike store and admire them with my eyes and heart only. For those who loved hip-hop culture, oversized clothes, hats and matching-coloured AF1s was the uniform.”

The daisy-embroidered Air Force 1’s have not only been hunted by fashion lovers but have also attracted many Korean celebrities. Suho and Chanyeol of K-Pop band EXO, as well as actresses Park Shin Hye and Han Ye Seul have quickly owned a version themselves.

G-Dragon has assured his fans that he has activities in the fashion industry does not mean that he is giving up on his music. “Now that I am no longer a soldier, I will return to my career as a singer and give my best efforts.” he said. Despite the fact that G-Dragon’s first activity after years was not the music event that many were hoping for, he still pleased his fans with his Nike collaboration and it became one of 2019’s biggest hits in the sneaker game and in K-POP culture.

Credit image: HYPEBEAST

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