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Praising a very vulgar podcast: The Misfits

The buddies get into some hijinks and tell the tales.

The Misfits are podcasting group, all of whose members have addictive personalities and stupid ideas

The Misfits podcast is known for its vulgar language and adult subjects. Fitz, SwaggerSouls, Toby on the Tele, McCreamy, Zuckles, and iNoToRiOuS all have all have big personalities and their rapport is amusing. When they talk about their stories they always know the right questions to ask each other.

One of my favorites is their Fiji Trip podcast. The trip was organized by their manager who called it a break for their hard work. Even though most of them were against going they were persuaded by the idea of turning the Fiji trip into a video. But the manager had them all leave the very night he thought of the idea, so it was very spontaneous and unplanned. That risky and chaotic quality is part of what made it such a great story. They all split up at times and went and found something cool in Fiji. This turned into one of their craziest and best podcast stories ever.

Most of the Misfits are from Australia and their accents give them this sort of radio voice that just for some reason makes me feel more comfortable. As with many podcasts, after a while of listening to them talking, you feel like their friend because they talk about stories that are personal to them. 

They commonly have guests on the podcasts. Their closest and most common guest is Bucks, a fellow YouTuber who has been on five episodes, including the very popular “We took LSD” episode. In this podcast, as the title suggests, the group took LSD, which they assured listeners was tested for safety. Throughout the whole episode they stress that the viewers should not take LSD, while claiming that they could do it because they are “professionals” and had people standing by constantly watching them to make sure they were okay at all times. 

The fact that they all have addictive personalities is great because they know to turn a simple conversation into a very entertaining podcast. They talk about a lot of “inappropriate” things and controversial topics such as taking edibles before business meetings. While they often talk about their experiences taking drugs, they caution to use drugs in a safe environment, if at all.  

Zuckles is known for doings some dumb and funny things in the group and I view him as the glue that brings all the members together. He has a younger brother that came on the podcast on episode 40, and exclaimed at how proud he is to be Zuckles’s brother but would wish he would be more motivated. This episode is special to me because you can hear at how much Zuckles loves the group and how they support each other.

If you are looking for an irreverent, buddy-comedy style podcast, check out the Misfits.

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