Large city in China closed off to stop deadly virus from spreading

The Coronavirus has killed 26 so far.

An illness called Coronavirus has caused China’s largest city with a population of 11 million people to close off due to a break-out of the virus. The virus has spread to different cities and countries around the world such as Japan, USA, South Korea and Thailand. As of Friday, January 24, 2020 there have been reported 26 deaths and more than 800 cases in China caused by coronavirus. People have been advised to stay home and not leave their rooms.

Coronavirus are a family of an infections that cause illness extending from the typical cold to more extreme sicknesses. The situation has become so serious that barriers are being created and trains are being guarded and surrounded by Police, SWAT teams and paramilitary troops. Transportation in the area such as train stations, the airport and ferries have been shut down.

Many local authorities have made it clear that a mask is needed and must be worn to public places including work. A video shared online shows officers standing in public areas making sure people had a mask on to prohibit the virus from spreading.

At the moment there is no certain answer on how China is going to contain this virus. There are no specific treatments for coronavirus yet and it is known that most have will and have recovered on their own. Μost of the treatment involves rest and over the counter medication such as painkillers. Hot showers also tend to relieve your body from the fever and sore throat. 

The virus can spread from human contact with animals. Officials do not yet know what animal may have caused the current outbreak in Wuhan.

When the virus is being spread from human-to-human it is usually transmitted from contact with a person infected with it, contact such as cough droplets. If the person is seriously infected it could even be transmitted through sneezes, coughs, handshakes and even second hand touch. 

The symptoms of coronavirus, might just feel like the basic cold. Some of its most common symptoms are congestion, runny nose, cough, fever, sore throat and a feeling of being unwell.

The virus comes during Chinese New Year when many people travel from the cities to visit family homes. Travel restrictions have affected over 20 million people.

Image Credit: Pxfuel

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