Does being an NBA legend’s son make life easier?

With Bronny James teaming up with Zaire Wade it seems like Sierra Canyon are the new Lakers of high school

Imagine LeBron James is your father. And you are a basketball player. Would the fame and high expectations that come with that make you stressed out or will it strive you to be better? 

Bronny James is most likely experiencing at least one of those outcomes and he is only a freshman in high school.

When the son of NBA superstar Lebron James was only 9 years old he gained lots of attention from the media because of his immense talent and his high-profile parent. He even attracted interest from some colleges. 

Currently, James Jr is attending Sierra Canyon High School as a freshman. Of course, joining the basketball team wasn’t that hard knowing that his dad is an NBA legend, but Bronny is in a team full of other young stars such as Zaire Wade (Dwayne Wade’s son).

James Jr, who is a 6’2 and 165 lbs guard, is leading Sierra Canyon to a 16-2 record. There are no reports on his stats each game but from a fan’s perspective, it’s obvious he’s averaging over 13 points a game and is making a great impact on both ends of the floor. 

Lebron often watches from the sidelines, driving Bronny to be more aggressive. LeBron is not going to be shy to scream or to tell his son something although he was told many times by the referee to sit down and be quiet.

It isn’t exactly a typical high schooler’s life for Bronny. He lives in an enormous 23-million dollar house with everything from a pool to a basketball court — a ball-players dream house.

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