8forty writers pick the best songs of 2022

All the best songs of the year, as decided by 8forty

THE VERY BEST: Glimpse of Us —  Joji

Joji comes back from a 2 year hiatus to release one of his strongest songs since BALLADS 1. With somber piano chords, heartful lyrics, and vocals more beautiful than ever before, this melody will get you singing along in tears

The Runners Up:

Everything — Ash Island 

The single Everything by Ash Island was released this November 8 2022, in this song he sings both in Korean and English. This song currently has 437,212 streams on Spotify and has a R&B type beat.

Purple Hearts – Kendrick Lamar 

An ethereal instrumental and fitting features, Kendrick comes back from a long sleep with songs that will surely get your head bopping, brain buzzing, and foot tapping. 

Bad Habit – Steve Lacy

The biggest TikTok song of the year, Bad Habit, has exploded in popularity with its vintage and fun sound and heavenly vocals. This is the perfect song to wrap up Summer 2022, and made Steve Lacy a household name.

Rich Flex – Drake (feat. 21 Savage) 

Is There Someone Else? – The Weeknd 

An emotional targeting song was written and released by The Weeknd 10 months ago, many teenagers have used this song to target their significant other with their suspicion of cheating or having someone else.

Circo Loco- Drake

With Drake’s recent album Her Loss, the song Circo Loco has a beat that makes you wanna bop your head and rap with the song. This is just one of the many hits in his new album that has everyone listening to it.

Touch – Keshi 

This song has a mellow beat that is perfect for a late night vibe as well as lyrics that are relatable for when you’re in your feels. The album of this song, called Gabriel, is also surrounded by similar type beats and lyrics.

Lock on me — Metro Boomin

Lock on me by Metro Boomin featuring Travis Scott and Future in the album HEROES & VILLAINS(Heroe Version) has gotten tons of good reviews, hence its 660K views on youtube. In fact, I had interviewed 5 Metro Boomin fans and 3 of them had said that this was the song that got them to be a fan of Boomin.

The Happiest Girl- Blackpink 

After Blackpink’s 2 year hiatus, they released their newest album “BORN PINK” consisting of 8 songs and The Happiest Girl being one of them. Though this song is not a title song, it has gotten much publicity due to its meaningful lyrics. The lyrics “Tonight, I’ll be the happiest girl in the world. You’ll see like it never happened” said by Jennie from Blackpink has all their fans touched.

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